You wouldn’t hire someone without a recommendation … we wouldn’t either Glowing reviews from a few of our fans

TURNSTEP gave me the power to move in a new direction
with my life. Since working with my coach I have become a
US citizen, a mother and founded my own cosmetics company.
I am grateful to have found someone that could help me work
through these challenges.

- Lissa J.

I took a fitness class with a TURNSTEP coach and was able to
lose 40 pounds, and have kept it off for 3 years.I was motivated
to start and to continue a fitness program, and now I am in the
best shape I’ve ever been in.

- Barbara K.

TURNSTEP challenges us to draw on our inner strength to attain
our goals. They encourage us to celebrate what we can do and
not focus on what we think we can’t do.
TURNSTEP teaches us
that we are «masters of our own fate».

- Debbie W.

TURNSTEP has helped us to understand that the unity of
mind, body and spirit contribute to our well-being and our
outer appearance.

- Sharon A. & Aviva B.


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